You have Enough – A guide to leading a better life

When was the last time you counted your blessings?

You will find power in practicing gratitude on a regular basis, maybe first thing in the morning and before you go to sleep. So instead, expressing gratitude for the things you are blessed with should be made the new norm because when you display gratefulness, you begin realizing you have enough!

Gratitude changes your thought process. By the same token, expressing thanks to people more often won’t cost you a single dime; that’s a guarantee. But instead, it opens up the door to contentment, happiness, and eventually a better life for you. According to Health Harvard, you experience healthy emotions and an enhanced lifestyle if you stay content with whatever has been bestowed upon you.

How does practicing gratitude help in Life?

People who look at things with an optimistic approach and act grateful regardless of their situations are usually the ones experiencing utmost tranquility. Gratefulness goes hand-in-hand with happiness. When you abandon thoughts that are full of pessimism and negativity, you are likelier to focus more on the present and appreciate all that you have.

The law of practicing gratitude and procuring its benefits can be implied in any aspect of life. Let’s have a quick word about resources, for instance. People who express gratitude despite having very little of such means will likely be in a better place in this world.

And if it really were ‘the more the resources, the happier man would be”, the richest man on this planet would have been the most satisfied one too – but that’s not the case.When your mindset transitions into the ‘I already have enough’ phase, that’s when the tables will start turning around for you.

5 Ways how Gratitude changes your Life

  1. It changes your outlook about the world

Being grateful makes you a human being with good virtues and changes the way you perceive this world. Gratitude teaches us to appreciate the value of certain things in our lives. And, when we appreciate something, we make sure to extract the utmost benefits from it. Taking things for granted becomes less like an option, then!

  • It enhances your Stress Resistance

People who are thankful tend not to hold onto bad feelings. This suggests that gratitude plays a prominent role in making you stress-resistant. The quicker you heal, the lesser you feel.

  • It cultivates’ Healthy Emotions

When you practice gratitude wholly, you leave all the regrets, contentions, hatred, and greed behind. You start thinking healthy, which automatically cultivates healthy emotions. All the pessimism and toxicity spontaneously get deleted.

  • It improves your Mood and Health

Because expressing gratitude lessens your stress provides you with better living opportunities and standards. Concurrently, it also elevates your mood and boosts your health.

  • It gives you mental peace

People who constantly stay ungrateful are filled with negative energy all the time. In contrast, those who remain grateful haven’t got a lot to be worried about all the time. Thus, gratefulness also gives you mental peace.

Three ways you can be more Grateful

  1. Look around yourself

Take a walk and observe things around you – no matter how little. Take time to smell the roses

  • Think about somebody who’s been with you through thick & thin

If there’s ever a time when you find yourself at your lowest, think about that ‘somebody’ in your life who stood behind you like a rock regardless of what the circumstances were.

  • Keep a gratitude journal

Sometimes, to cultivate gratefulness, you need to recount your blessings. The easiest way to do so is by keeping a gratitude journal. Then, jot it down in the diary to count the gifts later whenever something good takes place.

The Bottom Line

People can be molded into any shape & form – physically and mentally, mutually. The way our bodies adapt to the changes in our surroundings, correspondingly, our brain consumes and acts upon whatever we feed to it. So if you plan on doing better in life, the act of realizing ‘I have enough’ is momentous.

With that being said, always remember – consistency is the key. You won’t reach the summit of leading a better life if your foundation is built on inconsistency. So once you start showing gratitude, make it a lifetime habit –!  

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