You VS You – Continuous Improvement

When was the last time you compared yourself to a peer or fellow of yours? It wouldn’t be that long ago, probably.

One of the foremost reasons why many people stay behind in the race of life despite having incredible potential is their habit of comparing.

Unfortunately, it is in humans’ tendency to compare themselves with others. However, this comparison is neither fair nor justified because when we compare ourselves to others, we consider their best characteristics against our run-of-the-mill ones.

In his book the 12 rules of life, Jordan Petersonemphasized the comparison individually. Rule number 4 of his book stated,

“Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to someone else today.”

And, we firmly believe the real competition is between who you were yesterday VS who you are today. Your growth, evolution, and transition are what differentiates the ‘new’ you from the ‘old’ you.

What is the most you will get out of comparing yourself with others? Insecurities, jealousy, and bitterness! – Nothing positive that we can think of.

Comparison is the Recipe of Unhappiness

Some people believe conducting a constructive comparison will help them grow and become better – by all means, YES! Taking inspiration from others’ achievements and following in their footsteps to obtain success is comprehensive.

However, abandoning yourself at the point “I have nothing to be proud of. Look at him, he has got it all!” is neither rational nor acceptable in this regard. The moment you begin comparing yourself to others, you start losing who you actually are and all that you have accomplished.

There is a reason why the comparison is called the recipe of unhappiness. When we begin comparing our traits, achievements, and selves to others, we indirectly wield our energy on something that is just not productive or healthy!

Rather than comparing yourself to others, focus that same energy on the progress that you have made and what work lies ahead.

Why is You VS You a healthy Comparison?

You are you, and that is your power. When becoming better than who you were yesterday transitions into your ultimate goal, it is the precise point where you stop thinking about others – what they do, the things they are achieving, and the things they have all become vain and irrelevant.

Your challenge is with who you were yesterday. The sole intent of comparing the ‘present’ you with the ‘past’ one is only to seek improvement, enhancement, and perfection. Because there are no second or third parties involved in the You VS You trade, there is no negative aspect as such rivalry, resentment, or rage.

The You VS You competition teaches us how to become a better version of who we are. In addition, it sheds light upon healthy activities that can encourage you to work on yourself and improve for the best.

The Bottom Line

Pointless comparisons do nothing but bring your and others’ morale down. Everybody was sent to Earth with different plans and purposes. Therefore, you can’t most definitely have what others possess. After all, these things differentiate one being from another.

To experience the summit of success, you must believe in yourself. Once you overcome the ‘trusting yourself’ phase, the next step is to compare yourself to who you were yesterday and focus on who you will be tomorrow.

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