The Correlation Between Happiness & Success

Happiness is a broadly defined term that directly refers to the emotional state of a human being. It portrays the image of positive feelings and highlights emotions such as satisfaction, contentment, joy, and fulfillment.

While happiness is a subjective topic, it is quite the opposite for success. Success is a more objective terminology and gives everybody the leverage of creating a definition of their own. You define success for yourself, and nobody else can do it for you.

However, happiness and success go hand-in-hand in a person’s life. The correlation between happiness and success is centuries old.

The philosophy of interlinking happiness and success together has always stood out. But unfortunately, to this date, many people still rely on myths and considerations that emphasize the “once you achieve success, you will be happy” pattern.

To the extent that is right, or used to be right in the previous decades. However, the times have evolved now, so have the success and happiness determining patterns. The tables have turned; they eventually had to.

Happiness or Success – What came first?

While success makes you happy, happiness can help you to achieve success—Vice versa.

According to scientific studies and research, a discovery was made. While achieving success was used as an excuse to be happy, now, your cheerful state will determine the level of your success.

‘Why,’ you may ask?

When we think and feel positive, our brain gets inundated with chemicals like Serotonin and Dopamine. These chemicals are responsible for functioning as our body’s neurotransmitters that regulate our essential body functions. Not just that, they also elevate our strength of processing information and simultaneously makes us feel good too.

Does that imply success will follow if you stay happy, calm, and satisfied? Probably yes.

The Happiest are the Successful ones

Are cheerful individuals more likely to prosper and perform well at work? It seems to be so. People who experience regular good emotions are more content with their lives, responsibilities, and occupations. Similarly, they will receive more favorable ratings from their supervisors and perform better on work-related activities than their less cheerful colleagues.

Positive thinking helps us succeed

Happy people are also more likely than sad people to go beyond the lines for their organizations. This will likely help them to obtain more social support from their coworkers. In addition, employees who are satisfied with their occupations are less likely to burn out, miss work, or quit. Furthermore, cheerful individuals also have somewhat more outstanding salaries than unhappy people.

The Bottom Line

It is important to remember success and happiness are directly proportional and work in the same direction. Therefore, if you are happy and contented, success is highly probable of following and finding you.

Similarly, when you are working hard, achieving your targets, and reaching the peak of success, you get happy. Indeed, both happiness and success are required to survive, and the only way both of them will come to you is by having a “positive mindset.”

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